A personal project that expanded thanks to all of you

USA CORP was born from a personal project, I wanted to find the opportunity to help the Latin community.

We start with a small office typing your documents and forms, giving a familiar treatment, providing human warmth, feeling the person, getting into their situation, becoming their friends and allies.

We grew very fast due to the recommendations of all of you, we are already more than 6 offices in the United States

We add to our community, commitment, seriousness and transparency by filling out and typing everything properly.

We monitor and correct spelling and writing errors, exhaustively reviewing all your forms and documents… until you have your result in hand.

Paola Díaz – CEO
Immigration Procedures USA CORP has appeared in:

Reasons for choosing us

“They are a company committed to making the client feel comfortable and confident that their procedures will be very successful”

Ale Sannd

“5 stars, I recommend them. Every time I go to their offices I feel like family, in addition to the fact that my procedures have turned out excellent”

Omar Romero

“Excellent care and service. All the time super friendly and attentive to every detail of the process! I definitely recommend them!”

Aylen Pino

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