Certified Translations


All documentation, whether for paperwork and requests or not, that is written in Spanish, must be translated into the English language, this is mandatory and incredibly important.

Certified translations of legal documents

This translation can be perfectly done by a bilingual person, but for different types of documents, such as academic and work for example, they must be translated by a certified and sworn interpreter.

But, as mentioned above, this is not necessary for the vast majority of documents, whether migratory or not; and they also do not require the signature of a notary.

Just by being bilingual you can save a good sum of money for these translations.

It is very important to highlight that this translation cannot be done by a relative of the migrant applicant or owner of the documentation, this person must be bilingual and must have a good command of both languages.

The translation can be done by hand in legible handwriting on a clean white sheet, however it is recommended that it be by computer to avoid problems.

An uncertified and sworn bilingual person is perfectly qualified to sign documents such as: birth certificates, widows’ certificates or annulment of marriage in all its forms, sworn declarations and marriage certificates, among many others; these are the most common examples.

The document must be translated in its entirety correctly, without spelling mistakes and, in case it is translated by hand, with good spelling.

At the end of the translation it is necessary to place a testimony: A certification by the translator that he is competent to translate, in this case, from Spanish to English and where he testifies that the document in question is correctly translated to his understanding. At the beginning of this note should be the full name of the document owner and a specification of the document type. After this note it is necessary to add personal information of the translator: Full name (with signature), address, telephone number and, finally, the date of writing.

If you choose to go with a professional translator, or if your own merits, you must also add a certification to the translation. It should be noted that the translation should not be a summary, this is not enough. Instead, it has to be translated word for word so that it can be valid and to avoid possible future problems. We hope this information has been useful to you and that you remember: All documents that are in the Spanish language and that are sent to USCIS must be translated. Don’t forget, this could be the difference between an acceptance or a rejection of an application, request and / or benefit. Good luck.

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