The Green Card Process: Dos and Don’ts


One of the goals contemplated by immigrants upon reaching American territory is to be able to legally establish themselves in the country. For this, there is a process known as Green Card and that allows them to live and work legally in the United States.

The US Government takes this process very seriously, so if a person has been benefited with the Green Card, they must be very attentive to their behavior, because the fact of having obtained the Green Card, doesn’t guarantee that for certain reasons, it will be revoked.

Currently, under the new Administration of President Biden, it’s expected to reactivate this process, which had been suspended by the previous Administration of President Donald Trump. This constitutes a relief and a hope for thousands of people who seek the regularization of their immigration status.

If you think that you or your family members have the possibility of being considered as beneficiaries of a Green Card or it has already been approved, here are some tips that will be very useful, about what you should and should not do.

What should you do?

If you are in the process of requesting your Green Card or if, on the contrary, you are already the holder of one, you must keep the following in mind, as your case may be:

  • In most cases, to apply for the Green Card you must have a sponsor, which can be a family member or an employer.
  • In case of being a Conditional Permanent Resident, due to marriage or business reasons, your Green Card will only be valid for 2 years and because it’s not renewable, it’s necessary to cancel the established conditions in order not to lose the Permanent Resident status and apply again for obtain a permanent Green Card.
  • Since the Green Card works as an identity document, it must be carried by the holder at all times, in case it’s requested by an immigration agent for any reason.
  • When the Green Card expires, it’s necessary to request its renewal, it’s best to do so at least 8 months in advance, thus avoiding any problem or inconvenience.
  • To be eligible for a Green Card for marriage, the application must be submitted by the spouse who has American citizenship.
  • If you invest in a business in the US, you can get a Green Card as an investor. The minimum investment must be $ 900,000.
  • Have the backing of a Medical Insurance.
  • Get correct advice about immigration laws and policies.

What should you not do?

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Among some of the things you shouldn’t do, we have:

  • Being outside the US for more than 6 months.
  • Moving from the US to another country with the intention of establishing residence there.
  • Don’t file your tax returns.
  • Declare as a Nonimmigrant when filing your taxes.
  • Committing crimes or violating Federal or State Laws.
  • In case of opting for the Green Card through the Visa Lottery, not completing the form correctly or sending more than one participation, this may cause your disqualification.
  • Enter the US as undocumented.
  • Invest in a house or other real estate to qualify for a Green Card as an investor. You must be clear that it applies only to business investors; investing in real estate will not give you the benefit of obtaining a Green Card.
  • That your request is made by a family member who does not have enough resources to be your sponsor.
  • Having an illegal presence in the country.
  • Commit immigration fraud.
  • Leaving the country without having an approved travel permit.


If you are thinking of establishing your residence in the United States and you have doubts about what you should or should not do, the guidance of an immigration lawyer is essential and will be of great help.

At Immigration Procedures USA Corp we put at your disposal a team of highly trained lawyers specialized in United States Immigration Law, who will advise you on which is the best way to process your Green Card.

Ensuring your well-being and that of your loved ones is our priority! Living and working legally in the US will no longer be just a dream, it can be your reality!

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