Immigration Offices in the United States


To help our community we make available to all our clients the location of all USCIS local immigration offices located within the United States.

Important: These USCIS Local Offices only handle scheduled interviews and for cases that are NOT related to Asylum, the information they offer is limited and they only assist applicants who have completed a service through their website.

Step 1: Access the Web from here

Web address of the Immigration Page. USCIS local offices

Step 2: Enter the zip code to locate the local office.

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This part is very simple and is operated as follows:

oficinas de inmigracion en estados unidos
  1. Enter your zip code area.
    1. This will return the result of the offices located in that zip code, Office Address, Hours, Director of the Local Office, Director of the District and to which region it belongs. Example: We entered Zip Code 33172 and generated this result:
oficinas de uscis

Step 3: Enter a State to see the List of Immigration Offices

As an example in the second field we select the State of New York:

oficinas de inmigracion por estado

The website returned a list of all the Immigration offices located in that state.

  • The difference with this method is that you have to click on the Office Address to see the detailed information of the Address, Director, Hours. However, it is a useful option in the event that you do not have your postal code at hand or when searching by the code you are not successful and you must search for the address closest to you.
lista de oficicinas de USCIS por estado

To expand the Information we also want to inform you about …

Immigration phone numbers.

  • Free phone to request information about a case: 1 (800) 375-5283
  • Outside of the United States and you filed an application or petition with a USCIS Service Center, you can call 787-330-1048 to verify the status of your case. Automated service, have all your documentation at hand, you will talk to the machine.
  • For clients who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-mute, or speech impaired and need reasonable accommodation: (TTY) / ASCII: 800-877-8339, Voice: 866-377-8642 and for Video Relay Service (VRS) : 877-709-5798.
  • USCIS OFFICE LOCATOR in the United States, except for asylum cases, and in other countries. The latter for matters of American citizens or legal permanent residents.
  • Link to verify your casino status with USCIS

Schedule an appointment at the USCIS offices

INFOPASS the electronic system that allows you to schedule an appointment at one of the USCIS offices. It includes a mapping feature that makes it easier for you to find a local office in the United States.

programe su cita con el sistema infopass

Where to request help or advice.

We are an Immigration Procedures Agency that has more than 15 years of experience in the field. You can contact us and we will guide you in all your procedures.

Support Centers

Organizations provide support services that can make your process more enjoyable, here we leave you the links so you can receive advice.


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