Consequences of Claiming that you are an American Citizen and not being one

Many people when entering the United States, when applying to study at a university or when applying for a job, claim to be US citizens without knowing the big mistake they are making if what they say isn’t true.

There are very few crimes in Immigration Law that are classified as seriously as falsely declaring that one is a US citizen, as it blocks almost all immigration benefits.

This crime doesn’t have any forgiveness under the Immigration Law and it doesn’t matter if you married an American citizen, if you have children who are citizens or parents with American citizenship, no one will be able to ask you.

What are the consequences of claiming to be a US citizen and not being one?

Falsely claiming to be a citizen of the United States in order to obtain a benefit under federal or state law may result in you being deported from the country and you will never be able to return with a visa or legal status to the United States.

How do you make a false declaration of citizenship?

There are several ways to impersonate an American citizen. Below we will show you in which situations you are incurring this serious fact:

  • Present false US passports or birth certificates at airports or land borders.
  • Check the “US Citizen” box on an I-9 employment verification form.
  • Apply for federal or state benefits.
  • Declare being a US citizen in an application for studies to obtain a loan.
  • Vote in elections, federal, state or local.
  • Apply for a public or private job.

Can a false declaration of US citizenship be corrected?

Yes, if the statement is withdrawn as soon as possible after it’s made. For example, a person entering the border with a fake passport reveals to the USCBP officer, while still at the border, that the passport isn’t really theirs and that they are not actually a US citizen. This will provide an opportunity for an immigration judge to review his case and release him from punishment.

Another way is to immediately withdraw the declaration of US citizenship on an I-9 form or an application for a driver’s license or state identification.

Is there a way to get a pardon?

There are only 2 ways to obtain a pardon for a false declaration of citizenship:

  • That the offense was before September 1996.
  • Through the U Visa.
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