Causes of Deportation of Legal Residents


Even if you have a Permanent Residence or a Green Card, in the United States, there are certain reasons why you run the risk of being deported.

We will detail what those reasons are below.

Criminal Offenses

  • Crimes of “moral character” committed within the first 5 years of residence in the US: domestic violence, sexual abuse, attempted robbery or homicide, or driving under the influence of substances.
  • Convictions for drug-related viola
  • Fleeing a border control or failing to register as an individual with a history of sexual offenses.
  • Convictions for trafficking or improper possession of weapons.
  • Drug, human, gun and money laundering trafficking.
  • Convictions for conspiracy, sabotage, espionage, treason or insurrection that can lead to at least 5 years in prison.
  • Violation of a court order of protection.

Security Reasons

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  • Participate in terrorist activities.
  • Engaging in espionage or sabotage activities.
  • Participate in genocides, acts of torture and extrajudicial killings.
  • Engaging in any activity that endangers national security.
  • Be a public charge within 5 years of entry for reasons that didn’t arise after entering the US.

Inadmissibility at the time of entry, Adjustment or Violation of Status

  • Violation of the conditions of your Visa or Green Card.
  • Evasion of inspection upon entry into the country.
  • Possess an invalid or false visa or Green Card.
  • To be absent from the country for more than 180 days or as long as the immigration laws indicate.
  • Conceal a felony conviction or mental disorder.
  • Fraudulently marrying a US citizen, for immigration purposes only.
  • The conditional temporary resident status has ended.
  • Providing help to another foreigner to enter the country illegally.

Lack of Registration and Falsification of Documents

  • Conviction for fraud or falsification of documents related to obtaining your immigration status.
  • Change your address without notifying the USCIS in advance.
  • Claiming to be a citizen, not being one.


The good news is that in any case, even if you have committed an offense that could be grounds for deportation, as a legal resident you will have the right to defend yourself in front of Immigration Court and you will not be deported immediately.

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