Family Court Services


Where do parents turn when they cannot focus on the needs of their children due to their own confusion and legal process? Where can children find people to talk to who know what they are going through?

The answer to these concerns is Family Court Services.

What are Family Court Services?

Family Court Services (FCS, for its acronym in English) programs provide mediation services to help divorcing or separating parents resolve disagreements about the care and support of their children.

What does Family Court do? Family Court Services Orientation

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Family Court provides the following services to families, at no cost:

  • Marriage dissolution.
  • Paternity and custody of children.
  • Orders for protection against domestic violence.
  • Termination of parental authority and adoptions.
  • Assistance for families / children.
  • Supervised visits and monitored exchanges.
  • Name changes.
  • Juvenile affairs (reports of child abuse, child neglect, or where minors are accused of engaging in illegal conduct).
  • Emancipation and approval of minor’s marriages.

Is Family Court open to the public?

For the most part, family law hearings are open to the public, although in certain cases involving minors (such as guardianship hearings, adoptions, etc.), the courts will generally be closed to anyone except the parties involved.

When should I go to Family Court?

You will need to go to court if you want a divorce, a financial or parenting arrangement (known as obtaining “consent orders”) or when there is an urgent problem in your family environment.

For most property and paternity arrangements, there are alternatives to court, if you can come to terms with your ex couple.

What happens if you ignore an order from the Family Court?

Family law disputes are civil proceedings, which is why most family law orders, including payment of support and attorneys’ fees, are punishable by contempt action.

We hope that all this information has been useful! Remember that the more you know about the process, the easier it will be for you to understand what is coming next.

At Tramites de Inmigracion USA Corp we offer mediation services to help parents who are divorcing or separating to resolve disagreements about the care and maintenance of their children, in addition to supporting all processes related to Family Court Services! Get advice from us, don’t take unnecessary risks!

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