American Citizenship and its Differences from LPR

The main differences between American citizens and Green Card holders are huge.

American Citizenship is often compared to Legal Permanent Residences (LPR) in the wrong way, in fact, many people believe that they are the same, although both allow people to live legally and indefinitely in the United States, the only thing true is that the differences exist and are important, since American citizens have more extensions defined by US law and its government than the LPR.

Let’s see below what are the aspects that make the difference.

Differences between American Citizenship and LPR

  1. It’s exclusive to American citizens to be able to participate in democratic activity, that is, only they can vote in national presidential, senatorial and congressional elections.
  2. There are some jobs that can only be carried out by American citizens, the most common professions that apply are: Engineers, exact sciences, social sciences, health areas and government or security positions.
  3. American citizens can reside abroad without a time limit, while permanent residents don’t have this benefit.
  4. Only American citizens can apply for a visa for their foreign fiancees, if the idea is to marry in American territory.
  5. American citizens have more extensive access to social benefits, such as food quotas and Medicaid.
  6. The American citizenship doesn’t have to be renewed, it’s for life, while the Green Card does have an expiration date.
  7. When convicted of a criminal or civil offense, the US citizen doesn’t run the risk of losing his status, while the permanent resident can be deported and lose his immigration status.
  8. While the American citizen can be sworn in criminal or civil trials, the permanent resident cannot.
  9. The American citizen can run and is eligible to occupy positions where a group of citizens is represented, while the permanent resident cannot do so.
  10. For American citizens, the “right of blood” applies, while for LPRs it doesn’t
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