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Selecting an immigration attorney who meets the requirements of Honesty, Reliability, and Ethics can be a difficult task in these times.

Immigration Lawyers

We know that many immigration processes require legal advice and that many times they are attended by immigration agents who are not attorneys.

Did you know that with the¬†USA Labor Certification¬†, you can obtain the Permanent Resident Card …

We all know that the immigration laws of the United States are very rigid and are the subject of constant criticism and refutations.¬†So it is necessary to turn to experts in the field …

We have to seek answers to the following questions:

  • How do I know if I really need an immigration attorney?
  • How do I go about hiring a trustworthy immigration attorney?
  • How do I know if I am in the Right Place, at the right time to look for such a lawyer?

Before answering these questions we want you to take into account …

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family from Immigration Scams

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As you should already know, this type of service is offered by anyone and without a doubt not just anyone can do it… so we want to reduce the number of victims around these cases of scams.

That is why we have taken the time to prepare for you an easy guide to identify these scams:

  1. Do not trust Vende Humo, or the free immigration attorneys that are available online.
  2. The one who says that there are new ways and hidden laws that only he knows and has connections in government agencies in the United States.
  3. Request a License from the Immigration Lawyer.
  4. Do not pay anyone to refer you to an immigration attorney.
  5. Do not believe in Advertisements of the type: “You have earned a Visa, Pay Here”.
  6. Always have support of each document that you deliver signed as received.
  7. Request support of what was delivered to the Immigration Agencies.
  8. Request in writing the Expenses you will incur, request a receipt or invoice for what you paid.
  9. Do not sign documents, blank forms, please!
  10. Review everything you sign and keep a copy of it, for common sense.
  11. Please do not sign anything that you know contains false information.

Forget About False Promises About Immigration Lawyers

There are hundreds of thousands of scams by people calling themselves notaries and unlicensed lawyers who promise their clients that they will get legal in the country.

These people use your lack of knowledge to convince you to hire them.

In the United States it is illegal as in any civilized country for an unlicensed person to advise you, fill out a form or apply for a Green Card. This must be done by qualified, licensed and duly accredited personnel for these tasks.

Why should I consult Immigration Lawyers?

  • If you want to enter the United States.
  • If you want to stay in the United States.

I emphasize that an immigration attorney cannot guarantee that your case will be successful.

This is because the decision is always up to the immigration judge or the agent overseeing the case.

Immigration classes represented by Immigration Lawyers.

  • Temporary immigration
  • Permanent
  • Forced
  • Volunteer

What an Immigration Lawyer informs me of

  • It updates you on immigration laws and everything related to it.
  • Determine with you what type of visa to apply for.
  • This day after day trying to persuade the agents who supervise the cases to decide in your favor.
  • He strives to present the best possible argument tailored to your needs.
  • Simplify the process as much as possible.
  • If required, it prepares appeals on your behalf.

Reasons People Cannot Enter the United States

As is obvious to think, not all people who want to enter the United States are eligible, here are some of the reasons why a foreigner should not request an Immigration Lawyer:

  • Criminal record.
  • Fraud or Scams
  • False statements
  • Illegal stay in the United States, demonstrable.
  • Health-related reasons.

Tips for Choosing a Good Immigration Lawyer.

Immigration Lawyer Biography – Your Profile is Very Important.

The main thing, see your resume, comments, successes and mistakes … Remember that some biographies can be a bit manipulated so that the lawyer is invincible.

There are many magazines and directories that charge lawyers to be sponsored and included in their lists of “best lawyers.”¬†So do not believe in these Ads where they are promoted, make a list and check their comments on Google, yelp or other social networks where they are registered.

Being in directories only shows that the lawyer is promoting himself very well …

It is imperative, however, to know how many years of experience the attorney has, if they have been a prosecutor or immigration judge, and if they are a member of the US Immigration Bar (AILA).

The years of experience and the cases where it was successful are data that you cannot miss, so you have a lot of investigative work to do. It is imperative to know how much Experience you have in Immigration Cases.

An attorney who has 20 years of experience doing Divorce, Garnishment, Litigation, and has only devoted 1 year to immigration cases then, could that be an option?¬†So I do not think so…

Immigration Attorneys Only Fill Out Forms

As we told you before, this job is not only to fill out papers and forms, the services of an Immigration Lawyer is to discover and explore even the smallest details of the case.

Filling out a form is not just a transcription job, it goes beyond that, as we soak up the case, we must go to explore the medium and long-term goals

Ensuring that all is well takes time, dedication, passion for what we do.

For example, a good immigration lawyer must be one step ahead and advise the client about possible risks and problems in the future. You will also avoid unnecessary expenses and waste of time.

Choosing an Expert as an Immigration Lawyer

There are four states in the USA that make it difficult for you to make a mistake when choosing a Lawyer who handles immigration and naturalization of people … These four states are Florida, California, Texas and North Carolina.

The qualification processes here are quite rigorous so it is possible that you start your inquiries here.

The filters used must go through the recommendations of judges and experts in the field. This makes it a very difficult qualification process, this makes it useful and reliable.

The lawyer has an office, where?

Do not be fooled by Large Offices, impressive structures or other features that can tell or inspire you that it is trustworthy.

Federal Laws are immigration laws that do not depend on big offices or amazing marketing campaigns, videos and advertisements that make you feel that everything will be fine with them …

Because it is the same immigration regulation in all the United States, the location of the office is not important in terms of assistance to courts and trials in other states, so we can move without inconvenience.

It is not unreasonable sometimes to ignore our clients, or to meet them today through video calls, maintaining contact is essential as long as my case is well managed and I feel served.

Naturalization Attorneys should be compared for their Excellence, not their Price.

The key points in hiring an immigration attorney should be the quality and reputation of the attorney and not the price of his or her fees.

We recommend that before hiring any immigration attorney you first meet with two or three lawyers of quality and impeccable reputation so that you can have a benchmark for comparison.

This is like a medical opinion, it is as if you are going to be operated on on immigration. Only after you have found these high quality attorneys, will you only be able to compare prices and fees to make a final decision.

A well-established lawyer will charge a considerable sum, while one who is looking to make himself known will establish more comfortable rates in order to gain experience.

Cheap is Expensive.

A migratory error would make our case unviable, our way of choosing based on how Cheap it may be, or how I think you can choose between buying a trailer to a house because we have a low budget.

We understand that this is delicate, it is complex and we must take our time to investigate and choose the best, without thinking about the budget … everything is defined by the time we have stipulated to achieve our objectives … always keep in mind that the life is lived day after day and that from the rush comes fatigue.

Sitting down with a cool head and making a plan to gather enough for our paperwork will be best.

Beware of Lawyers Who Boast of Good Connections

Be very careful of the attorney who claims that he has connections within the USCIS and that he can do what other attorneys cannot. Also be careful of those lawyers who guarantee results or who assure that they can expedite your procedures.

First, many attorneys frequent USCIS offices and courts often and being recognized by immigration agents or judges does not guarantee anything.

Second, an immigration attorney cannot guarantee results, that is illegal. An attorney who guarantees results may lose his professional license.

Choose an Attorney With Whom You Are Comfortable

Let’s talk about Trust … a prosperous relationship between the lawyer and the client must be founded on honesty and seriousness, from the first phone call we must know that our interlocutor is worthy of our attention, believe in his hunch and purify him of wrong feelings as the one that generates the lack of budget.

Now why should this confidence inspire me?¬†because you must tell him everything, and doing this costs a lot when you don’t believe in someone.

Thanks for reading and remember to share!

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