Agency of procedures and immigration services in the United States

We have professionals trained in all kinds of Procedures, we advise you to apply for and obtain permanent residence, make family petitions, apply for political asylum, apply for status, obtain certificates of American Citizenship, applications for Naturalization, Visas, Company Openings, Divorces and more.

All Immigration Services for our community

Immigration Procedures USA CORP exists to assist the Immigrant in the management of legal documents, providing them with updated information about the United States Citizenship and Naturalization Immigration Service Uscis.

Immigration services for foreigners and US citizens inside and outside the United States through our offices in Miami or directly at the international immigration offices in your country. The consulate.

As an immigration process agency in Miami we have a range of legal and paralegal services to assist you and your family.

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We know all the government forms and we know how to fill it out, that is why our advice on USCIS is important because what you get is years of experience due to the thousands of successful cases that support us. See all REVIEWS!

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Common migration issues

Our official website in Spanish publishes to inform the community of all immigration procedures, citizenship and immigration services, notary public, American residence, change of status and complements to our management.

  • Work permit
  • Travel access
  • Visas Fiancé, fiance immigration petitions.
  • Visa L
  • DACA and / or renewal application
  • Apply for permanent residence and your american citizenship.
  • Green Card / Permanent Resident Card, replace your green card, eligibility categories.
  • We take care of renewing your immigration documents when they expire.
  • Medical Insurance to cover health emergencies.
  • Request for Political Asylum.
  • Economic Support Letter for Immigrants and Visitors (Affidavit of support)
  • Wedding
  • Documentation to travel
  • Divorce
  • Visa consular processing
  • Tax service
  • Forgiveness of Payment to Immigration in the cases that apply.
  • We check if you qualify to file your process for Low Resources and avoid the immigration surcharge.
  • Family Claim or Family Reunification application, immigration petitions for relatives.
  • Extension of stay to Cuban passport and all nationalities.
  • Immigration services and management of legal documents.
  • We also have our exclusive Immigration Lawyer for our clients, we offer assistance and paralegal service.
  • We assist you with United States Immigration.
  • Prices of all Government forms.
  • Immigration Offices in the United States.
  • Avoid scams, contact us at published numbers.
  • Our agencies have notaries specialized in all kinds of immigration and consular procedures.

    Our rates and prices are the best because you get a lot of human value in this process.

    Our rates include filling out the form or forms according to your immigration process, case monitoring, assistance, promotion with influence thanks to our success, tireless management.

    Also if you need to travel to the United States we can recommend a Travel Agency working with Venezuelan Airlines, European, American and Anglo.

    People contact us from Venezuela, Honduras, Spain, Argentina and other countries on all continents.